Dr. Magnus L. Kpakol

Chairman Board of Directors

Magnus L. Kpakol is a leading development economist who has been at the front of of promoting global competitiveness for Africa. He sits as the chairman of several companies and is the CEO and Chief Strategist at the Economic and Business Strategies (EBS) Ltd, with offices in Dallas Texas, USA and Abuja, Nigeria; Dr. Kpakol is also the host of Magnus Kpakol gvA, a Talk Show on global economic and business trends and how they affect Africa. He is the founder and Chairman of the Economic Growth and Development Centre (EGDC) an NGO committed to promoting economic growth and development in Africa and initiators of Study Hall Africa (SHAFRI), an educational social network for kids in Africa and around the world).

Dr. Kpakol holds a Ph.D. in political economy from the University of Texas at Dallas and worked as senior economist at JC Penney Company in Plano, Texas. He was also a professor of economics at the University of Dallas in Texas where he taught economic development, international economics, labor economics, statistics, econometrics and public economics. Dr. Kpakol was a member of the Board of Trustees of John Brown University in Siloam Springs Arkansas. He is a member of the Dallas Economists’ Club, where he has served as chairman of the Education Committee.

From 2001 -2003, Dr. Kpakol served as Chief Economic Adviser to the President of Nigeria. He later also served as Adviser to the President on Poverty Eradication during which time he pioneered Nigeria’s first ever conditional cash transfer programmes aimed at breaking the intergenerational transfer of poverty in Nigeria.

Dr. Kpakol is very passionate about development and believes in the power of Africa to take the lead in mapping out a successful path out of the challenge facing the continent today. He continues to dedicate his time and efforts to designing innovative strategies for sustainable growth and development. He is a motivational speaker and a true development economist to the core.