Our mission is to give kids across Africa high quality tech learning experiences through our programmes in coding, robotics, engineering, Artificial Intelligence and the creatives.


CODEWORLD is a female owned tech start up that commenced business from a small office out of Abuja, Nigeria.In 2014, we were a small non-profit organisation providing capacity building and skills training for women and youths in Nigeria. We saw the huge impact that technology is having on our world and how African kids were at risk of being left behind in the global economy. Designing tech learning programmes for kids became a main pillar of our empowerment programme and with this Codeworld was born!
When Codeworld was launched in 2014, we hosted our first coding programme for kids with the aim of bringing good quality tech learning experience to Nigerian kids, giving them the opportunity to have access to the same tech exposure as their peers in other parts of the world. Our first camp was launched in partnership with Silverbird Cinemas on October 1st, the Nigeria’s Children’s day. The programme hosted over 400 kids from across the city. It was obvious that parents were hungry to give their kids access to high quality tech learning experiences. What started out as a small programme has today grown to several clubs and camps across the city. Codeworld continues to be driven by innovation and creativity.


We go through great lengths to offer not just a rich curriculum but also cutting edge experiences that capture and retain the interests of kids in technology. We show kids in our programme how to unleash their creative sides and how to grow from mere consumers of technology to creators of technology.

We are committed to pursuing the vision of making sure that Africa is not left behind in the digital revolution and that African children across the continent have access to the same early tech-learning opportunities as other children in other parts of the developed world. Our program is helping to prepare future ready kids by providing high impact digital and global skills literacy to children from an early age.


We value excellence, integrity, creativity and innovation.

Demystify computer programming and digital literacy by teaching children in an environment of fun and engagement. We show children how they can move from being passive users of technology to creators of technology by combining technical skills with creativity, innovation and passion.

We are preparing future ready African kids, showing them how they can start today to position themselves for a world of global impact through the knowledge and the skills they acquire today.

  • Whether you are new to computers or you have an experience with computers, our expert educators, well-researched curriculum and exclusive learning tools will give your kids an impactful learning experience.
  • We continue to remain committed to bringing innovative and cutting edge tech learning opportunities to kids in the areas of coding, robotics, Artificial intelligence, engineering and the creative.
  • Signing up for Codeowld’s programmes is definitely a worthy investment in your child’s future.

Our instructors are some of the best and most experienced professionals who remain committed to making tech learning fun and exciting for your kids.

They are constantly reinventing the Codeworld experience through high impact classes, project based learning, creativity and teamwork.