App Master: MIT App Inventor

Age; 10-14 years
Language: App Inventor
Skills: Coding, mobile App development, animation,
Tools: App Inventor

  • Laptop
  • App Inventor App (free download from MIT website)
  • Zoom App
  • Stable Internet

Fee: N15, 000 per week

Course Overview
MIT App Inventor is an exciting integrated Application now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). New comers and oldies are welcome to a great computer programming application that enables them create software (apps) for Android and IOS. Let your kids enter into an empowering world of App development where they can transform their ideas into practical tools to solve business or social challenges in the society. App Inventor allows users to drag and drop visual objects to create application that can run on mobile devices. It is a great vehicle for engaging powerful ideas through active learning.

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