Our online classes give your kids unlimited access to quality online resources. Our classes are hosted by some of the best-experienced and well-tested coding instructors. Online coding options means that your kids never have to stop coding and that they can fit it into a convenient schedule at home or on the go! Chose from our option of small classes and 1-on-1 private classes.

Computing and STEM jobs are opening up an amazing world of opportunity for people across the world and there is still a huge skills gap to be filled! With our online classes, you will have unlimited access to resources that will help you start or continue your coding and tech experience. It’s a worthy investment in your child’s future giving them the opportunity to learn at their convenience and on the go.

Inspiring Africa’s future innovators and tech leaders through empowering mix of digital literacies. Coding. Robotics. Artificial Intelligence. Gaming and more.

LEVEL 1 (7-10)
  • Scratch Junior (Beginner)
    Introduction to visual based programming using block- based programming tools
  • Scratch Junior (intermediate)
    Visual based programming using block- based programming tools and intermediate level projects and challenges
  • Scratch Junior (Advanced Tot!)
    Visual based programming using block- based programming tools and more advanced projects and challenges suited to age category.
  • Web Development – Introduction to Html/Css
LEVEL 2 (11-14 YEARS)
  • App Inventor (Beginner)
  • App Inventor (Intermediate)
  • App Inventor (Advanced)
  • Alice (Beginner)
  • Alice (Intermediate)
  • Alice (Advanced)
  • Html/Css (Intermediate)
  • Python
LEVEL 3 (15 -19 YEARS)
  • Javascript (beginers
  • Javascript (Intermediate
  • Javascript (Advanced
  • Html/css
  • Python (beginners)
  • Python (Intermediate )
  • Python (Advanced)